About Us

Hello! We are MareBlu an Environmental Conservation Organization, based in Costa Rica, founded 4 years ago by our director and activist Geronimo Ciuti Z.


Our main goal is to make the oceans, rivers, and coastlines plastic free primarily through our coastal cleanup expeditions. We also have an approach with regenerative programs that are possible thanks to our international volunteer program. We have had volunteers from more than 25 countries around the world participating in our projects. We also receive sponsorship from Companies and friends that believe that Change is a priority for our planet.


MareBlu’s Volunteer Camp is located inside of Punta Leona Resort, which is an hour’s drive from San Jose International Airport. 


Punta Leona is surrounded by natural beauty and in the heart of the central Pacific Coast of Costa Rica.

This location allows us to be close to many beaches, that desperately need our help. Plastic Pollution from our main rivers coming from San Jose combined with poor commercial fishing practices are the major sources of contamination on the coastlines. Our camp has sleeping quarters for 12 volunteers at a time and serve all meals.

For more information about our volunteering programs, dates and reservation process or how could you get involved as a Company, please send us an email: info@mareblucr.org or send a message via whatsapp. We would love to know about you!


Meet our team


Founder, Director, Expedition Leader


Social media & International Volunteer Program Coordinator


NGO Advisor


Turtle Hatchery & Reef Project Consultant


Artificial Reef Project Director